Thursday, September 16, 2010

Castle Grayskull - Exterior Wide Shot

My favourite of Filmation backgrounds, is Castle Grayskull. The different angles we see to the Fortress of Mystery, yet never really grasp on all angles that we'd like to.

I will begin by showcasing some location background-arts, going from wide shots, to close-ups and inside eventually.

Here is a more less-used shot of the castle. Used atleast in "Cosmic Comet" and "Song of Celice". Great extreme wide shot in a bit lower angle.

These two shots above, are very similar, yet they clearly have details that are unique to them. A variants of the same shot.

One of the most famous views on the Castle. Though you'll notice in this image, that part of the entrance leading to Grayskull is missing from the left side. 

An interesting, very detailed shot, that was not used all that often.

And one more bird's eye view.

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